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In patients with gongylonematosis, hyperemia of viagra pills membranes occurs, papules and zigzag passages of helminths appear. Esophagoscopy reveals hypertrophy, bleeding, erosion, and deep defects in the mucosa of the esophagus. Patients complain of pain, burning sensation, feeling of movement of helminths, headache, irritability, and sometimes vomiting. Some authors believe that malignant neoplasms may occur on the basis of gongylonematosis. Giardiasis Ascariasis Heterophyosis Opisthorchiasis Trichocephalosis Dracunculosis Diphyllobothriasis Echinococcosis.
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Diagnosisgongylonematosis of the lips and oral mucosa is established in the presence of zigzag passages of mobile helminths. Lesions of the esophagus are detected by esophagoscopy. The mucous membrane is cut and the helminths are removed with a needle. Standing and slowly flowing water from reservoirs should be drunk only boiled or filtered through a canvas. Cockroaches should be exterminated. Influenza is a severe acute infectious disease, which is characterized by severe toxicosis, catarrhal symptoms and bronchial lesions. Influenza, the symptoms of which occur in people regardless of their age and gender, annually manifests itself in the form of an epidemic, more often in the cold season, while approximately 15% of the world's population is affected.

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The causative agent was named the influenza A virus. Then in 1940 Magil and Francis isolated the type B virus, in 1947 Taylor discovered another variant - the type C influenza virus. The influenza virus is one of the RNA-containing orthomyxoviruses, its particle size is 80-120 nm. It is weakly resistant to buy sildenafil online and physical factors, it is destroyed in a few hours at room temperature, and at low temperatures (from -25В�C to -70В�C) it can be preserved for several years. It is killed by drying, heating, exposure to small amounts of ultraviolet radiation, chlorine, ozone.

The source of influenza infection is an exceptionally sick person with erased or obvious forms of the disease. The route of transmission is airborne. The patient is most contagious in the first days of the disease, when the virus with droplets of mucus during sneezing and coughing begins to be released into the external environment. With an uncomplicated course of the disease, the isolation of the virus stops approximately 5-6 days from its onset. In the case of pneumonia, which can complicate the course of influenza, the virus in the body can be detected within two to three weeks from the onset of the disease.

The incidence is on the rise, and influenza outbreaks occur during the cold season. Every 2-3 years, an epidemic is possible, which is caused by the type A influenza virus, it has an explosive character (20-50% of the population can get sick in 1-1.5 months). An influenza type B epidemic is characterized by a slower spread, it lasts approximately 2-3 months and affects up to 25% of the population.

There are such forms of the course of the disease. Mild - body temperature rises by no more than 38 В� C, symptoms of intoxication are mild or absent. Moderate severity - body temperature in the range of 38.5-39.5 В� C, there is a classic symptomatology of the disease. intoxication (headache, photophobia, muscle and joint pain, profuse sweating), typical changes in the posterior pharyngeal wall, redness of the conjunctiva, nasal congestion, damage to buy viagra pills online and larynx (dry cough, chest pain, hoarse voice). Severe form - pronounced intoxication, body temperature 39-40 В� C, nosebleeds, signs of encephalopathy (hallucinations, convulsions), vomiting.

Hypertoxic - body temperature above 40 В� C, the symptoms of intoxication are most pronounced, resulting in toxicosis of the nervous system, cerebral edema and infectious-toxic shock of varying severity. Respiratory failure may develop. The fulminant form of influenza is dangerous with the possibility of death, especially for weakened patients, as well as patients with comorbidities they have. With this form, swelling of the brain and lungs, respiratory failure, bleeding and other serious complications develop.

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The duration of the incubation is approximately 1-2 days (possibly from several hours to 5 days). This is followed by a period of acute clinical manifestations of the disease. The severity of uncomplicated disease is determined by the duration and severity of intoxication.

Already at the beginning of the disease, changes in the oropharynx can be seen. significant redness of the soft palate. After 3-4 days from the onset of the disease, an infection of the vessels develops at the site of redness. In severe influenza, small hemorrhages form in the soft palate, in addition, its swelling and cyanosis can be detected. The back wall of the pharynx is reddened, shiny, often grainy. Patients are concerned about dryness and sore throat. 7-8 days after the onset of the disease, the mucous membrane of the soft palate acquires a normal appearance.

Catarrhal syndrome with influenza infection is most often mild or absent. Its duration is 7-10 days. The cough lasts the longest.

  • Changes in the nasopharynx are manifested by swelling, redness and dryness of the mucosa.
  • Breathing through the nose due to swelling of the nasal concha is difficult.
  • After 2-3 days, the above symptoms are replaced by nasal congestion, less often - discharge from the nose, they occur in about 80% of patients.
  • As a result of toxic damage to the vascular walls, as well as intense sneezing in this disease, nosebleeds are often possible.

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In the lungs with influenza, most often hard breathing, dry wheezing of a short duration is possible. Typical of influenza is tracheobronchitis. It is manifested by pain or soreness behind the sternum, dry painful cough. Laryngitis (hoarseness, sore throat) can be combined with tracheitis.

Cardiovascular changes in influenza occur as a result of toxic damage to the heart muscle. On auscultation of the heart, muffled tones can be heard, sometimes a rhythm disturbance or a systolic murmur at the apex of the heart. At the beginning of the disease, the pulse is frequent (as a result of viagra pills in body temperature), while the skin is pale. After 2-3 days from the onset of the disease, along with weakness in the body and lethargy, the pulse becomes rare, and the patient's skin turns red.

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Changes in the digestive organs are not significantly expressed. Appetite may decrease, intestinal peristalsis worsens, constipation joins. There is a thick white coating on the tongue. The abdomen is not painful. Due to damage to the kidney tissue by viruses, changes occur in the organs of the urinary system. In the analysis of urine, protein and red blood cells may appear, but this happens only with a complicated course of influenza. Toxic reactions from the nervous system most often manifest themselves in the form ofsildenafil, which is aggravated by various external irritating factors. Drowsiness or, on the contrary, excessive excitement is possible. Often there are delusional states, loss of consciousness, convulsions, vomiting. Meningeal symptoms can be detected in 3% of patients.